Made for Everyone

Here’s what we’re about: simple, sophisticated and sustainable jewelry that’s easy to fall in love with. No matter who you are or where you come from.


Simple, because we won’t give you one million options when ten will do. Sophisticated, because we’ll never sacrifice quality or luxury for price. And sustainable, because we only use lab grown diamonds, and recycled gold wherever we can.


Have a look around, have some fun, and see if there’s a piece you can call MINE.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Forget mining, our diamonds are made with you in mind.


Lab grown diamonds are every bit as real—and beautiful—as their mined counterparts. Even the most experienced jewelers can’t tell them apart. The difference? You don’t have to worry about the ethical and environmental impact of your purchase, or the question of where your diamonds are actually coming from.


We feel good about the jewelry we’re making, so you can feel good about the jewelry you’re wearing.

For You? Only the Best

You have high expectations, and we care about exceeding them.


That’s why each piece in our collection is handcrafted by master jewelers. We’ll be there each step of the way, inspecting and scrutinizing to make sure it’s good enough to call yours.


And anything you buy will be delivered directly from the manufacturer – we’re allergic to middlemen, BS, and layers of retail markups.

"Better quality and half the price as traditional retail"

"Better quality and half the price as traditional retail"






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